Set up your own office, at home or at work

An inspiring workplace results in more job satisfaction and productivity. But what do you need to consider when setting up your own office? Is there a difference between working from home and somewhere else? With or without staff?

We help you on your way to setting up your own office!

Working from home: your personal home office

When you start your own business, you have to take all sorts of things into account. And that includes a new work location. Many starters therefore opt for the convenience of working from home. Which is perfectly understandable, you shuffle comfortably from your bed to your work desk, lose neither time nor patience in traffic, and organise your day however you want. But there is more to making the working-from-home formula truly successful. A calming, inspiring and stimulating work environment is a must. A smart layout, sufficient natural light, an ergonomic desk and office chair, functional lighting and preferably some greenery in the house: all contribute to your well-being, ability to concentrate and productivity.

The secret to a well-organised office or desk set-up is always the layout of the space. For example, it's a good idea to think carefully about the position of your desk. At a window, you enjoy natural light and usually create extra space for other furniture or decorative elements. If you plan to have a lot of meetings, then you can set up a separate seating area, for example. Or you can make room for a conference table so you can easily receive clients. Transform your office into a personal hotspot that makes you happy, but also inspires others: you should love working there, others should love visiting.

Setting up your own office? Here are a few interior design tips.

  1. Think about the position of your desk
  2. Envisage space and/or a chair for customers and visitors
  3. Ensure sufficient natural light
  4. Lots of greenery enhances productivity and happiness
  5. Set up a phone room with good connectivity
  6. Make your interior an extension of your business or personality
Make your office your home.

Everything changes when you start working with staff. The home office and working from home then often no longer suffice, or at the very least you need to make changes. In any case, you have to consider many more factors.

The big question is, what do your staff need to be as happy and productive as you are? Plenty of green, light and open spaces have been proven to significantly increase productivity. So don't scrimp on these. Staff are more focused and feel happier as a result. In addition, think about the organisation of your office to facilitate different tasks. Create areas where staff can make calls, hold meetings, brainstorm or concentrate without any background noise. Also envisage physical mobility. Dynamic and flexible furniture boosts productivity. In recent years, people have been spending more and more time at their desks. An office chair that provides optimal support is crucial. But also give your staff the possibility of working standing up. Ergonomics is a key consideration in this regard. A sitting ball or a desk with a treadmill is another option. Although, you should also always keep in mind that the set-up of your office should match your corporate image. Your interior should be a reflection of your vision and philosophy. It should tell a personal story that your staff are happy to be a part of, so that everything and everyone is connected in a dynamic way.

Would you like to find out more about how you can create an atmospheric and productive work environment with the right office furniture? Read everything you need to know in our Dols blog.

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