Acoustics meets aesthetics: 4 design brands that unite soundproofing and architectural qualities

It's been no secret for a long time: acoustic applications significantly increase the productivity and comfort of your employees. But did you know that sound absorption and design go hand in hand? Four inspiring brands that approach acoustics as pure lifestyle.

1. BUZZISPACE: BuzziPleat and BuzziPleat Light

BuzziPleat at our own showroom in Sittard

If one brand stands out in Belgium, it has to be BuzziSpace. The company focuses strongly on sustainability and develops various acoustic solutions based on sound-absorbing ecological felt. In addition, the collections are just particularly playful and stylish. One of the most fun designs is the "BuzziPleat", a kind of sculptural flower with a pleated design. Old craft techniques from the fashion industry are used for its development. To achieve optimum sound absorption, the material is folded and laced by hand. This achieves a high material volume that maximises the absorption of bass and treble. There are two different designs: the Edel, for both ceiling and wall, and the Ripple, for ceiling only. In addition, the BuzziPleat is also available with integrated LED lighting. Want to create an even more dynamic effect? Add an extra touch to your office space by hanging multiple pleats at different heights.

BuzziPleat Light & BuzziPleat by BuzziSpace

2. LINTEX: Mood Fabric, Mood Fabric Wall and Mood Fabric Table

Lintex Mood Fabric

It's no secret that Scandinavia has a lot of beautiful things to pick up. Lintex is a Swedish family business with a long tradition dating back to 1983. It develops contemporary writing boards with a refined, minimalist design. The underlying idea is simple: what you like, you use more and it automatically become more functional. One of the most handsome collections is the 'Mood Fabric', designed by Christian Halleröd and Matti Klenell. It includes three types of whiteboards, each available in ten different colours. Each model features a glass magnetic writing surface, softly rounded corners and a sound-absorbing back that can be used as a bulletin board. The 'Mood Fabric Mobile' is the mobile version and is available in three sizes. The 'Mood Fabric Wall' is to be hung on the wall and the 'Mood Fabric Table' is to be placed fixed or free on your work table.

Lintex Mood Fabric Wall & Lintex Mood Fabric Table

3. FELTOUCH: FlatLine collection – Cracker, Cracker Cloud and Cracker Cloud Lighting

Feltouch Cracker Cloud Lighting

Feltouch is another brand with a strong focus on sustainability. The Dutch company avidly uses Pet felt, produced with advanced textiles technology, in its creations. This way, it develops high-quality design products with strong soundproofing features. A great example is the FlatLine collection. It consists of various acoustic applications ranging from wall and ceiling panels to cloud lighting. The main representative is the 'Cracker' model, a flexible solution that allows you to cover large areas. You can adjust and move the ribbed panels as desired to fully personalise your office space. There is also the 'Cracker Cloud', a suspended ceiling panel, which you can also get with integrated lighting. This combines soundproofing and lighting into one multifunctional solution.

4. ANDLIGHT: Slab Series

Andlight Slab Series

ANDlight is a Canadian brand founded in 2014, so it has not been around for very long. It still makes this list, though. The Vancouver-based company develops particularly creative acoustic lighting. Each product is designed, built and assembled in-house using the latest technologies. The result: contemporary yet timeless design items that have everything for shaping and animating a space. One of the most talked-about collections is the Slab Series. It includes various wall lights and pendant luminaires with a strong graphical shape and slim profiling, encased in 100% natural merino felt. Plus, you can choose from six standard colours for each model, adding a unique touch to your office décor.

Read something you'd like more information on? Give us a shout! Our interior designers will be happy to tell you much more about these wonderful brands.

Dries Dols
— Dries Dols

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