A "coronaproof" office? Look before you leap

The COVID19 crisis marked the start of the ‘keep 1.5 metres distance’ society. Something we’ll just have to get used to, even as everyone gradually returns to the office. But before you start buying a whole load of temporary materials such as plexiglass: look before you leap. Because what if there were other, more sustainable options? We look at whether and which investments are actually relevant to your office.

Think beyond the now

This corona period may be a good time to refresh your interior design and use of space. Not just for the next few months, but rather with an eye to the future.

So create spaces that focus not only on safety but also on work comfort and efficiency. The overall ensemble must be right, only then will your staff have a positive feeling in the office. Does that mean you suddenly need to invest a lot? No. Devising circulation routes and moving furniture, desks or chairs are small but effective interventions.

And what about the ubiquitous plexiglass? Plexiglass is a good idea in the reception area, where many people pass through every day. But using it at every desk in an open workplace is not.

Temporary solutions often require a large investment, and Plexiglass may seem like a relatively inexpensive solution. But in the long run, it definitely isn’t. Plexiglass is not always effective and you only use it temporarily. Which means that not only you, but also our precious nature, pay too high a price.

We believe in sustainable solutions that you enjoy for longer. Because if you do invest in redesigning your office, it’s better to do it with a view to the future. Not just for the next few months. Right?

Our tailor-made solutions

Every office space is different. So it’s logical that the most appropriate solutions are devised on a customised basis. And that’s exactly what we do. From advice to concrete implementation, we assist you with an approach that works.

  • Analysis of floor plans
  • Advice on redesigning and using space
  • Realising efficient and safe office spaces
  • Inspiration for home offices
  • Proposals for long-term solutions
  • Concrete elaboration and follow-up

Prepare for the future!

We are at your disposal to help fully prepare your office space for the future. Need advice on the (temporary) redesign of your office interior? We are happy to meet for a no-obligation chat. Contact us and hopefully see you soon!

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