We are a team of doers and thinkers. Constantly striving to add value to every interior design project.

Our specialists will guide you on your way to a successful project and assure you of a wide range of quality and sustainable products and services, partners and manufacturers. Passionate in service, energetically creative.

Project advisors
The sounding board for your ideas and expectations. We’ll analyse your project and bring all our expertise to bear to go from an effective process to a successful project.
Project managers
Analyse the project and redefining it into a plan-based programme of necessary products, modules and services. From quote to order and delivery, we give you peace of mind and manage the whole thing.
Logistics and project leaders
Providing the operational monitoring and plan-based monitoring of all deliveries and facilities. A crucial link for implementing and finalising projects.
Interior architects
Bring exceptional amounts of creative expertise together to propel your project towards successful implementation with the right materials, products, functions and usage.
Chief Hospitality Officers
They are our ambassadors and first point of contact. 
Welcoming guides who help you on your way. With a cup of coffee, a slice of cake in the showroom or a great conversation on the phone.
They are the linchpin in our back office, making sure everything runs properly. They’re more like ‘administrategists’, the people in charge of effective operations and everything that involves.
Common sense
With oversight of everything, these are the wise old owls with eagle eyes. Knowledgeable and experienced, nothing about how things are going escapes their gaze.