Casual atmosphere creators in bistro restaurant

Since September 2019, the young chef Jarne Geladé has been running a tight ship at ‘t Russelt, a bistro-restaurant in Diepenbeek. The passionate chef’s references include Stadt van Luyck, Zoethout and Vous lé Vous, and he is assisted by Lennert Vanhees. Together they propose refined cuisine and the necessary pizazz in the restaurant. 

‘t Russelt puts the emphasis on ‘great food, tasteful wine, and great ambiance’, not least thanks to its contemporary decor. Thanks to a large covered terrace, the boundary between indoors and outdoors has been nicely blurred. Using a lot of greenery on the walls – nicely illuminated with atmospheric pendant lights – there was also a conscious choice to combine indoor and outdoor furniture, thereby creating a highly unique, casual atmosphere. 


Diepenbeek, Belgium
Koen Hendrickx
Amelie Soenen
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