A place where rough, rugged materials "chime" with coziness.

The centre of Zutendaal has recently acquired a brand new flavour: Robuust, a cozy place to stop near the church for food or drinks. The menu features local and international dishes, and you can also find tourist information about the city and region. Despite its powerful name, Robuust is primarily a chilled-out stop that is easily accessible. Everyone is welcome, everyone feels at home. This principle had to be reflected in the interior design as well. The basis is rough and rather industrial, with concrete as the protagonist. The rest of the decor is warm and cozy, to create a homely atmosphere.

Robuust is a place of contrasts: cool, young and vibrant, but also soft, welcoming and accessible. Concrete columns and a ceiling structure with exposed ventilation ducts remain partially exposed. The floor features a low-maintenance concrete-look tile, combined with a wood-look tile in a herringbone pattern to add warmth and create a contrast. Long sofas are positioned against the walls: two red ones that add spice and a beige one with a panelled backrest, which looks a little more subdued and sophisticated. A net structure has been fitted to the ceiling, with climbing plants from where the lantern-like lighting by Menu casts its glow, to bring the outdoor feeling inside. The idea of incorporating homely elements is repeated in the glossy green wall tiles, that add texture while contrasting with the rough concrete.

The eatery originally consisted of two buildings. These have been merged, creating an L-shaped space in the centre where people can move around. There we incorporated an elongated U-shaped counter in marble-look Silestone as the heart of the restaurant: bar staff, waiters and customers are always in contact with each other, further emphasising the open atmosphere. The Silestone is also used as the tabletop on the rectangular tables. While the top of the round tables are in matte oak with a golden edging, to continue the contrast between rough and soft. Around the tables, stools from Fameg and chairs from Copiosa are used alternately. The dark green and beige fabric upholstery add another touch of warmth and coziness. 


Brands in this project
Andeu World