Since 2021, Antwerp has gained another a culinary gem: Fine Fleur, an intimate place for fine dining, located in a historic monastery building that was transformed into a five-star hotel, Botanic Sanctuary. Thomas Diepersloot, who left the Michelin-star restaurant Voltaire behind, is behind the cooking pots there. Owner and three-star chef Jacob Jan Boerma looks over his shoulder.

At Fine Fleur, past and present come together beautifully. The restaurant is located in the monastery’s old hospital. This is a place where all the senses are stimulated, and not just because of the nuanced flavours on the plate. Fine Fleur is an ode to finesse, and you can taste that in the interior, designed by designer Dennis T’Jampens. Historic beams, raw kaleidoscopic walls and rich fabrics are in dialogue with sleek glass, a balanced lighting concept and modern furniture. For the seating, we chose the MAGDA-04 from Torre. An elegant chair with a chrome base, lined in a beige AquaClean upholstery by Aristide that blends nicely with the sophisticated style of the interior.


Dennis T’Jampens
Pieter D’hoop
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