Opposites attract

What if Brussels wasn’t just a city? What if Brussels was a host? What would its home look like? Full of contradictions, just like Brussels. It is Brussels and c’est Bruxelles. It is brutal but elegant. It is busy but quiet and green. It is grey but colourful. Creneau international blended this contradiction into the interior design for the public areas of Residence Inn by Mariott Diegem. This host gives you a warm welcome while making a design statement at the same time. He makes you feel at home.

Dols was given a clear design brief for this project, and we made perfect sense of the design to provide both the interior and exterior spaces with furniture in harmony with the contradictions Brussels has to offer. We offer the visitor or hotel guest the necessary comfort and let them dream away on the summer terrace.

Today’s hotel guest has high expectations. They have often travelled a lot and looked on social media for perfect photos from friends and influencers. What is striking is that guests are increasingly inclined to choose local and small-scale boutique hotels. Platforms such as Airbnb are now established players in the travel sector as well. It is a growing trend. People love them for their personal touch, their local character and their hospitality. Larger chains try to emulate the boutique feel, but more often than not lack the personal touch. That’s not an issue at this Residence Inn by Marriott in Diegem. We went all in for the public spaces, turning a hotel in Diegem into a Brussels host who welcomes you into his home.

This is especially noticeable in the choice of materials. For example, Creneau International created a raw look by building a wall out of concrete breeze blocks. Gold mirrors were placed behind this wall, providing an elegant counterpoint to the rough nature of the blocks. In the layout of the lobby, they created a mix between high-traffic areas and areas where guests can retreat to read or work in peace. From a cozy and loungy living room to a busy bar, a communal reading table, a private office or a lovely terrace. There is the perfect spot for every mood.


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