Eat. Drink. Socialize.

Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport has provided an outstanding experience within the hotel industry for many years. But with the new concept, Craft, that has taken up residence there, it is suddenly becoming a place where locals, businesspeople and travellers can meet. Craft is a warm, cosy community hub with a nod to Brussels’ Art Nouveau heritage. 

Craft’s brand and interior design were created by the WeWantMore Design Studio. They took on the challenge of completely revitalising the restaurant. The Craft brand stands for never-ending determination, craft skills and meticulous attention to hospitality. The visual identity and interior were then designed with those values in mind.
Inspired by Brussels’ Art Nouveau heritage and the international atmosphere envisioned by Crowne Plaza, an eclectic, craftsmanlike design language was created. The custom-made furniture and lighting actually evoke the feeling of craftsmanship. That feeling is given even more zest through the use of natural and raw materials such as wood, basalt, marble, wicker, concrete and copper. Partition walls in the form of large, copper arches divide the open area of the restaurant into different zones, each of which has its own particular atmosphere.


Brussels (Diegem)
WeWantMore Design Studio
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